Record number of personalized demonstrations of Dynamic Traveller at the ATM2016

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The generated expectations the days before the most important fair of tourism in Dubai fell short. Day, already endless in the exhibition context, lengthened, day after day to accommodate more than 400 people who visited the stand-classroom of Baraka Travel Club, which had three exceptional trainers: offices directors in Dubai and New Delhi, Wedy Bak and Nitish Kumar, respectively, and the CEO himself of Baraka, Oscar Herencia. Another long list of companies, agents and tourist offices, showed interest in collaborating with the Catalan company. The continued flow of visitors and other exhibitors have confirmed the success of the multi destination booking online application, Dynamic Traveller.

This product was born to give the coveted answer to the most important for a travel agent question: how can I save time and money in the process of quotation and selling most complex trips? With a beautiful and intuitive presentation, the real value of this entirely on-line application is on the optimization of processes, which can be done right in front of the customer, in just no more than four minutes, and with impeccable finishing and full of useful information, so that the traveler takes all of the summary of his trip under his arm when walking out the door of the agency.

The advantages do not end here. The possibility to use the country’s own currency in the transactions, or to generate different users for the same company, gives power and control to all sides in the sale process. Let’s add the fact that, once created the idea of travel it can be shared on social networks, and put the icing on social marketing to this attractive cake.

Surely it is the confirmation of the good omens industry guru, Paul Richer, already gave to Dynamic Traveller, in the last edition of the World Travel Market in London.